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Choosing a Winter Vacation

Choosing a Winter Vacation

By: Sarah Marshall

I have a problem. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t a serious problem.  Maybe like you, I set out in 2019 with the intention to experience something new.  And maybe, like you, I feel stifled by the cold weather of a true Chicago winter.  So what does a travel lover do when she’s stuck at home?  Dream of going somewhere else!  

Despite the weather, January has always been a fun month for me, not just because it marks a new year, but because January means my birthday is here!  Birthdays have always been a big deal for our family, and we usually celebrate in some way enjoying a new adventure.

It shouldn’t be surprising that next January, for my big birthday (I’m turning 40….EEEK!), I want to immerse myself in something epic, a new culture, a new experience, or a new destination with my family and friends.

Picking a travel destination for January? WAY harder than I thought!  Do I choose a cold destination and embrace the beauty of winter and all that it holds?  Or do I escape the frigid chill of Chicago in a warm weather locale and soak in some much-needed Vitamin D?

Which would you choose? FIRE or ICE?

Iceland is a bucket list destination for me.  Waterfalls, hiking, vast rugged scenery, geothermal features, the Northern Lights?  I mean…how can you not want to go there! I could turn 40 soaking in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon.  Can you imagine yourself there?

On the other hand, Central American destinations are also calling my name.  Rainforests, warm sand, clear water, and scuba diving are also things that excite me about a warm-weather destination.  Can you smell that ocean right now?  I can!  

As you can see, I can’t really go wrong either way.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both maybe require me to buy a new wardrobe *wink wink*. 

So which would you choose? I would love to hear your thoughts.  Comment below!