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After my son Aidan was born 3 months early, I didn’t think adventures would ever happen again for my family.

We lived in fear of unknowns. The first year of Aidan’s life, we barely left the house except to go to doctors’ visits and get groceries.

At five years old, Aidan wasn’t toilet trained, he wasn’t verbal, and he got his breakfast, lunch, and dinner via a feeding tube.

So when my husband and I decided to move our family to London for my husband’s job … everyone we knew looked at us like we were nuts.

Would we be able to handle this? Was this the best move for Aidan? Was this a mistake?

The move was challenging, no doubt—but the last thing I’d call it was a mistake.

Within six months of moving to London, Aidan was talking (and with a British accent to boot). One year after the move, he was toilet trained, and after two, we were able to take his feeding tube out permanently.

Where others thought Aidan would fail, he in fact succeeded. Even more than that, he blossomed into a true adventurer.

Over the years, a long list of diagnoses came in—autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, among others.

Still, we pushed Aidan outside of his comfort zone, eating gelato for the first time in Italy, hiking Glen Nevis in Scotland, and seeing the Mona Lisa in Paris. He was never happier than when he was “on an adventure” (his words!).

Now, not every trip was perfect. We had bad days and good days like everyone else.

But every trip bolstered my courage to try again, to go even farther, to believe that yes, we can do this.

There’s no doubt in my mind that our travel adventures helped Aidan progress way past his therapists’ expectations—and, more importantly, brought us closer together as a family.

Which is why it broke my heart to realize that other special needs families felt that travel was out of reach for them.

Every family—every child—deserves to discover the wonders of this world.

Let’s Make the World Accessible

That’s why I founded TravelAble Vacations, to give families like yours the tools, guidance, and support they need to experience the world, together.

My promise to you: To open up a whole new world for your family. To help you let go of the school meetings, and the doctors visits, and the therapies. To give you the resources you need to reconnect with your family over a shared experience you will all enjoy.

And to do it all without the fear of wondering “what’s next?” or “can we handle this?”

As a certified Autism Travel Professional and Accessible Travel Advocate, I’ll handhold you through the entire travel planning process, guiding you to the destinations and properties I know can support your family.

You CAN do this. Let me show you how.

I invite you to connect on a complimentary planning call. Click below to schedule your time to connect with me, so I can learn more about your family’s needs—and where you dream of taking your family next.

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