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Seeing your child light up with a smile as he splashes his face in the clear, blue waters for the very first time …

Tucking your kids into plush hotel beds, after a day full of gobbling up giant scoops of gelato, pretending to be gladiators, and snapping plenty of family selfies …

Letting go of all the stresses, your miles-long to-do list, and your fears for the future to simply enjoy being a family, together.

Many families with special needs children long to travel together … but get caught up in all the questions.

“What if something unpredictable happens? Can my child handle this? How can we make this safe? Can we do this?”

I get it. I had those questions myself when I first started traveling with my special needs child.

But I soon realized that all the incredible benefits of traveling together far outweigh the “what ifs.”

Yes, traveling with a family member with special needs makes taking vacations a little (and sometimes a lot) trickier. That’s why you need:

The Right DestinationThe Right ToolsThe Right Guidance
It’s true, not every destination is welcoming of families with special needs children … but there are many that are! I’ll match you with the right destination, resort, and/or cruise line that can support your family’s needs and comfort level. Maybe it’s a long weekend in Myrtle Beach—or maybe it’s a two-week accessible safari adventure in Africa.Need to transport special equipment or medications for your child? I’ll help you figure it out. I also partner with travel organizations like the Special Needs Group that can help procure the right equipment and support for your special needs child, like beach wheelchairs, respite caregivers, or specialized transportation.I know exactly what it’s like to fear traveling with a special needs child—my son, Aidan, has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, among others. That hasn’t stopped us from traveling the globe together for the past 10 years!  I’ll draw on my extensive travel experience to show you what’s possible for your family.
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