Annecy: A Gem in Southern France

Annecy: A Gem in Southern France

By: tdavis

We were ready to not-be-here. As with so many, we had seen nothing but our village in southeastern Germany for months on end. Finally, we had the opportunity to take a short trip, so I pulled up my digital map and searched for a suitable destination.

Being the sun lover that I am, I of course zeroed in on warmer climates. Soon my searching revealed “the Venice of France”, Annecy. We decided to see if the photos we saw online would match our experience.

As we entered this charming town nestled on Lake Annecy and surrounded by the French Alps, we were awed by the sprawling green spaces, crystal clear water, and snowcapped peaks.

We stayed in the middle of Old Town, our historic apartment cantilevered over a stunning canal. Looking out over the water, we caught glimpses of pedestrians pausing for photographs in front of our stunning abode.

And Old Town? Narrow alleyways between 13th century buildings leading to magical archways, ancient stone bridges, fresh greenery, and water, water everywhere.

With the weather sheer perfection and our days limited, we wasted no time exploring our new locale. The beauty and vibe of the lake and mountains inspired and relaxed us from the moment we approached the water’s edge. Sampling cappuccinos and croissants alongside yet another canal, we planned our strategy. Every day the historic town brought a new market. Each morning, gobs of vendors descended on the pedestrian streets, eager to sell their wares. One day we wandered through a food market, choosing fresh olives, tapenade, cheeses, and of course, bread. Another day, we hunted for treasures at the antique and flea market. Yet another day revealed a local artist market right outside our door.

All in all, Annecy proved to be a stunning, unique, and tranquil destination. France never disappoints and is so much more than its famous locales. Ready for your own extraordinary adventure? Contact me today to book your own unforgettable holiday.

Happy Travels,