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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Adventurous Women

Since we’ve gotten the men in your life taken care of, now it is time to splurge on the women!

Do you have a woman on your holiday gift list with a wanderlust for exploration? Perhaps a sister, daughter, mom, or wife with a truly adventurous spirit? Whether she travels for business or fun, here are some of our favorite, innovative gift ideas to show the ladies in your life that you are thinking of them no matter where in the world they are headed.


MVST Polycarbonate Suitcase

Leave the boring black and navy bags to the boys! This gorgeous berry colored suitcase from MVST Select is not just pretty, it’s made of the same material used in bulletproof glass and the helmets of astronauts! Plus there’s no zipper to deal with when you’re packing it full of your clothes, shoes, and jewelry.


LS1 Polycarbonate Suitcase Berry – $315
from: MVST Select

Mica Tote & Network Pouch

Every woman needs the perfect tote, whether you are shopping, traveling, or running errands. The Mica Tote from Hershel Supply comes in gorgeous colors and patterns and has a striped liner to make it easier to find all of your stuff. The handles have a generous drop length for ease of carrying. Toss in a matching Network Pouch for extra organization.


Mica Tote – $49.99
from: Herschel Supply

Network Pouch – $24.99
from: Herschel Supply


Sherpa Hoodie

The Sherpa trend is alive and well this winter, and this warm and fuzzy version is perfect for overly air conditioned climates or chilly destinations. The hoodie is perfect for snuggling down into for a nap on a cold plane. As comfy and cozy as this is on its own, the matching pants give you fleecy, Sherpa comfort from head to toe for long road trips, plane rides, or hanging around your resort.


Women’s Sherpa Hoodie – $99.99
from: Herschel Supply

HappyLuxe Travel Wrap and Blanket

A great wrap is one of the most genius items that you can pack when traveling. Stash it in your purse, and you can pull it out when you are cold OR if you are touring a place that requires your arms to be covered. The Travel Wrap and Blanket can be used as a scarf, a blanket, a shawl, a swim suit cover-up, or even fashion it into a cute sarong skirt or wrap top. Plus it comes in four colors and is made from eco friendly fabric made from Beech trees.


Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose sound meets rose gold style. These headphones are perfect for losing yourself in your favorite songs, podcast or movie when flying to your favorite destination. And did we mention…rose gold?

TRTL Pillow

This innovative designed travel pillow helps you nap while sitting up with your neck properly supported. Easier to pack than those big bulky stuffed travel pillows, this option is easy to stash in your carry-on. Not only will you avoid sleeping on a stranger’s shoulder mid-flight, but you can customize this to support your head to the left, right, or center.


TRTL Pillow – $29.99
from: Amazon

Nomatic Compression Packing Cube

Sitting on your luggage to make it close is so last century. Now you have the NOMATIC Compression Packing Cube to help you get as much as you can into your bag, so that no outfit needs to be left behind! Maximize your space up to 50%!


Nomatic Packing Cubes – $29.99

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